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Comments by MadamSplash for 2019

Any person who has been operating businesses for the last 3 to 4 decades can tell you that Australia, and quite a few other countries of the World have been stuck in a Ground Hog Day style recession for almost 25 years, where economies get going for a while then suddenly collapse.

Instead of the normal economic 10-20-40 year recession cycle, that we could still predict up until the New Millenium, it is now more of a 3 to 5 year melt down cycle and almost impossible for any business to prepare for the crippling down turns.

Like a giant wave, and greater than any time known in history, organisations and businesses open, trade then vanish ... The average Joe has no idea why he cannot maintain a good paying job or functioning business for longer than three years, or why he is working longer hours, yet earning less money than he did 10 years ago.

It's not rocket science to know that this has been due principally to the loss of almost 75% of manufacturing to China, India and in a smaller way The Philippines and Indonesia. In the beginning a selective group of Europeans were quick to identify and profit greatly (in the trillions) from these cheap and flexible resources, and the domination of much of the internet to help them. This was to produce some mega rich Asians and Indians, who are not so hindered by the same copyright scruples we have in the rest of the world, gradually turned the tables on their mentors to create their own manufacture and trading.

Thanks to financial manipulation on a global scale including the over valuing of many Fortune 500 assets ... we are now participating in the highly controlled (doped down) write off of trillions of dollars of 'stuff' that really was never worth its stated book value in the first place. Some of them got out by selling out.

Most of us learned the hard way as kids that paying off credit cards with credit cards was a suicide mission ... but it's amazing to what level this has gone this time. There are great advantages to not only owning the company but the financial institution and having Politicians in your pocket as well ... hey, who's watching!

In 2017 a huge chunk of our populations are now addicted to their social media and mesmerised by the news (including the fake) and herded like cows into a range economic beliefs and actions by the media, we really need to wake up from this brain washing ...

We have likely now reached a point of no return with what has been created for us in Australia and will likely have to allow it to run it's full, unpredictable cycle ... but this should not be an excuse to close ourselves down from being the great nation that we are, due fear and uncertainty ...

We could create our own Butterfly Effect (or Splash as we call it) - which works something like this:

Did you know that if someone inspired a whole country to buy a Mars Bar (for example) every day for a month, they would trigger their economy ... I kid you not, it's that simple, a spending country is a wealthy country.

It's not all bad ... It's actually a great opportunity!

It's time read (or re-read) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, who wrote his book in the era of the Great Depression of the 40's, but still remains one of the top 50 read books of the world, because of it's power and ultimate truth about succeeding in business.

Napoleon was challenged by one of the wealthiest men in the world of the time, to study the great business men and women of all time, to establish the formula of being successful.

In his book, Napoleon identified the great benefit of bad recessions, as the levelling of the players and the playing field, an opportunity for new talent to begin and grow great things. He also stated clearly that you can be successful no matter what the economy is doing, if you are willing to step out of it, mentally.

So come on boys and girls, get brass and brazen, Ignore the Ne'r Sayers, there is nothing more joyful than watching an idea come into fruition and achieving success.

Money rolls towards the innovators, movers and shakers. (and away from the fearful, disgruntled and bitter.

Find something that needs changing for the better and use this as the cause to back your business ... cause marketing will make you famous.


  • What the heck are Australians eating now - what happened to the laws requiring contents to be identified on packing? I don't want to eat palm oil, canola oil, msg, or gene modified.
  • Why doesn't Australia own it's own mining initiatives.
  • Why are we spending billions on Weapons and not our own profit making initiatives that can then pay for weapons
  • Why are we taking away help to the business people who pay the taxes that pay the pensions, that also feed the economy.
  • How come we are allowing corruption in Sea Shipping?
  • Why are Internet SEO specialists being permitted to continue with Search Engine Practises that are crippling them.
  • Why are we allowing people with more money that some countries in the world to sell off our assets and organisations?
  • Why is the Government tendering system about the best price, how about the critical nature of keeping profits in this country.
  • Why do we continue to manufacture in countries that have no interest in copyright and patents, and will eventually take our innovations for themselves
  • How did inferior building materials (combustive and asbestos) make their way into our schools and hospitals after being outlawed for decades, who is policing this now?
  • Why are we selling out our Taxi industry who have been required to make their vehicles safe for our safety, for decades.

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